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1. Late Night Alumni - The This This (Kaskade Remix) [ARKADE]
2. Lucky Charmes - Skank (Original Mix) [MUSICAL FREEDOM]
3. Ghastly - Every Night (Original Mix) [DIM MAK]
4. Tujamo & Jacob Plant - All Night (Original Mix) [FLY EYE]
5. Leroy Styles vs Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Karusell (Original Mix) [SPINNIN]
6. Sander Van Doorn - Ori Tali Ma (Original Mix) [DOORN]
7. Knife Party - Resistance [EARSTORM] *All Time Fav*

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  • CLUB BEATS 32 (26.04.2015)30:00

No Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events

Wake up! All of you..I am Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, who brings the newborn day..This is a shining Dawn of Ancient Lycia, to bring People love, energy and magic.To live for Eternity in Love.

Goddess Eos is calling you to live..It is your brilliance that lights your way, your choices and the love of self that sets you free. Remember you and I are one. We are one. One Love !

We welcome you to our 4 day gathering dedicated to music dance and nature..

Hail and Welcome to Butterfly Valley in Ancient Lycia!

We are going to stay in the Butterfly Valley for 3 nights and 4 days to enjoy this memorable experience, fantastic music, turguise colored crystal sea, great open buffet food and unlimited relaxation together when we are sitting next by the Bonfire at the Beach as we are watching billions of stars in the sky but nothing else.. 

Thank you for your big support & enjoying KING OF HOUSE NIGHT 6 with me @ CLUB BLACKJACK

We all celebrated Mr.By's birthday at our temple. Complete tracklist and download link of my set is available, Enjoy!

Feast Of Eos 2015 (16-19.05.2015) @ Butterfly Valley

DV & LM, Fedde Le Grand vs Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep Tomorrow (Onur Yildiz Mashup)

Onur Yildiz @ Club Blackjack (10.04.2015)

Celebrated Mr.By's Birthday At Temple Club


The Accommodation Capacity of the Valley is limited as 600 people.

Register for the first 300 Early Bird Discounted Tickets.